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DNN Website Design - Fully Responsive

DNN Website Design

Unlimited Customizations of Colors, Gradients, Background Images etc. Responsive Skin For Desktop, Tablet and Mobile. Mega Menu, TouchFlexi Slider.

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DNN Website Development

Unlimited Customizations of Colors, Gradients, Background Images etc. Responsive Skin For Desktop, Tablet and Mobile. Mega Menu, TouchFlexi Slider.

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Digital Marketing

DNN Website Design makes sure your website delivers as a marketing platform for your business. Without digital marketing your website is simply an expensive brochure.

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DNN Website Design

Website design is a term used to describe the group of key components involved in creating a website.

The software to build a website is now more readily available than ever before, but what are the key components of great website design?

  • An effective website must be built in responsive website design enabling it to easily adjust in display size to any device and browser.
  • A website’s layout design should engage it’s users by captivating their focus and persuading them to venture further
  • A balance of contrasting colours should be used for a website’s background and colour of text, the colours should always enhance content, minimising distraction and directing visitors
  • A website’s content should be well-structured, credible and original
  • A website’s navigation should be effective and easy to use in order to maintain a good user experience
  • Since the purpose of a website is to convert visitors into customers, there should be a process on the website that facilitates this.

Why you should use a professional website designer

Integrating each of the above website components successfully takes considerable expertise and experience, even more so when it is your business purposes that must be conveyed via the webpage in the best way possible.

A professional web designer is able to identify the importance of each component and how to effectively implement them.

What is the DNN Website Design approach to web design?

  • DNN design software creates a fast and easy way to deliver a personalized online experience across all devices using responsive design
  • Call-to-Action buttons and ‘Click here for more...’ hyperlinks are essential when trying to optimise your customer’s user experience
  • DNN Software has a simple to use and easily understood navigation system helping to helping you design your website for your users. Visitors should be able to find what they are looking for easily.
  • This in-text hyperlink also allows your website to link externally to other websites helping to build your website’s credibility and visibility on search engines
  • Website’s customer engagement and internal navigation is then improved helping to assist and reassure your website’s visitors throughout their online journey and purchase cycle
  • It makes it easy to keep your website’s content structured and relevant to your visitors with an on-page quick-edit mode and a built in blog engine and RSS feed for quick distribution
  • DNN website skins (templates) and colour schemes can be changed at any time making it possible to adjust and update a website cost-effectively as there isn’t much redesigning required. DNN Website Design has a wide variety of skins available, each one offering a unique and professional look and feel for your website.

DNN software takes care of each of these website necessities, giving your website the ability to operate at its full capacity and become a dynamic marketing platform for your business.

Click on the link to chat to us about the website design for your business.

Addo Elephant Park - Day Trips from our Guesthouse in Summerstrand

Monday, May 29, 2017

Addo Elephant Park is well known throughout South Africa and the world for its wide variety of wildlife.

The park was originally established in 1931 to save 11 Elephants on the brink of extinction. However, today it is now home to more than 350 elephants, 280 Cape Buffalo, Black Rhino, a range of Antelope species, as well as the rare flightless Dung Beetle.

Cape Recife Nature Reserve - Right on our Guest House in Summerstrand’s Doorstep

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Port Elizabeth is filled with many secret, untouched treasures – the Cape Recife Nature Reserve is one of them.

The Cape Recife Nature Reserve is situated off Marine Drive, a 15-minute walk or a 5-minute drive from our Guest House.

Ocean Bay Guest House is ready for The Iron Man

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Ocean Bay Guest House in Summerstrand is getting ready for one of Port Elizabeth’s biggest events, The Iron Man 70.3.

Taking place in under a week, the anticipation can be felt throughout the city.

Route 67 - A short 10 minute drive from our Guest House in Summerstrand

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Port Elizabeth is a city filled with rich arts and culture, with some of South Africa’s most unique and celebrated art pieces placed around the city.

Route 67 located just 10 minutes from our guest house in Summerstrand, is one of South Africa’s most exciting and creative inner-city developments, which honours the 67 years Nelson Mandela spent fighting for our democracy.

What to do in Port Elizabeth - Introducing the New NMB Tourism App

Friday, January 27, 2017

Ocean Bay Guesthouse in Summerstrand is excited to announce that in addition to our Things to do in Port Elizabeth article, guests will now be able to use the “Nelson Mandela Bay Travel Guide” a newly developed mobile app.

Things to do in Port Elizabeth while staying at our Guesthouse

Monday, December 12, 2016

There are several things to do in Port Elizabeth, but for someone who isn’t familiar with PE and its many splendours, it may be difficult to plan your stay.

Therefore, to make it a little easier, we decided to create a list of a few fun things to in Port Elizabeth.

No more room at the top - Web SEO Cape Town


There are 2 ways of getting more internet traffic to your website: Paid for advertizing (PPC) or Website Search Engine Optimization.

Not every business website can get to page 1 on Google for every keyword. But if your business is not on page one of Google, you will get very little traffic. 

The top ranked website on page 1 of Google is estimated to get 33% of all the search traffic, with radical decreases in search traffic as you proceed lower down the page.

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Posted by Robyn Wilson on Tuesday, March 22, 2016 Views: 2150

Port Elizabeth DNN website design - Admiralty Guesthouse


Jo and Alan Byram have dedicated themselves to creating a bed & breakfast guesthouse that is beautiful, stylish and comfortable.

It is only fitting then that the accommodation website display the same degree of taste, prompting visitors to make direct bookings.

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Posted by Robyn Wilson on Thursday, August 20, 2015 Views: 2833

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