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Website Development Cape Town

Web development is the broad term used for the work entailed in building an fully functional website.

It refers to the key non-design aspects that are involved in the building of a website.

Website development in a DNN software environment involves the development of custom modules that work seamlessly within the DNN software content management system.

Websites built using DNN Software are:


  • DNN software is extensible using 3rd-party modules that add functionality to your website.
  • DNN modules allow for extensive configuration and flexibility.
  • I.e. Social media share icons


  • As a business grows so will it's website.
  • A website built using DNN Software is able to retain functionality no matter what the size and will grow along with the business. 

Fully customizable

  • DNN Software enables the business owner to customize their website to the business's unique needs.
  • DNN Software allows for custom template website design skins. The business owner is able to change the design of the website simply by changing the websites skin in the site settings.

ITM Website Design Cape Town

DNN Website Design utilizes the services of ITM a certified digital marketing, website design and development company in Cape Town.

Please click the link to contact ITM for custom website design Cape Town.

No more room at the top - Web SEO Cape Town


There are 2 ways of getting more internet traffic to your website: Paid for advertizing (PPC) or Website Search Engine Optimization.

Not every business website can get to page 1 on Google for every keyword. But if your business is not on page one of Google, you will get very little traffic. 

The top ranked website on page 1 of Google is estimated to get 33% of all the search traffic, with radical decreases in search traffic as you proceed lower down the page.

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