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Digital Marketing Services Cape Town

A website with an effective digital marketing campaign creates a platform where consumers can easily discover and connect with your business.

A well-run digital marketing campaign enables your business to tap into and target a specific type of internet user.

It’s important to have clear definition of your business’s online objectives when deciding what type of online marketing campaign you should use.

Types of digital marketing:

Mobile marketing

  • Gives your business direct access to a consumer's personal device.
  • Please follow the link for more information on how Mobile Marketing can help your business.

Cost Per Click Campaign

  • Involves targeting specific keywords by paying a set bid to a search engine, this allows you to cost effectively access Google’s massive global, local and mobile search influence.
  • Please follow the link for more information on a Cost Per Click Campaign for your business.

Social Media Marketing

  • Enables you reach a greater target market, build long-term relationships with consumers and soft sell products and services on a more consumer friendly level.
  • Please follow the link for more information on using Social Media Marketing for your business.

Inbound Marketing

  • Link building involves online marketing efforts that attract visitors and develop relationships between businesses.
  • Please follow the link for more information on Inbound Marketing.

Email Marketing

  • A key component in any engaging digital marketing campaign as it creates a direct communication channel to the consumer.
  • Please follow the link for more information on using Email Marketing for your business.

Content Marketing

  • This form of online marketing involves creating quality content that is valuable to your consumer and then distributing it through the appropriate social networking channels.
  • Please follow the link for more information on growing your business using Content Marketing.

ITM Digital Marketing Services Cape Town

The internet is over-flowing with new business opportunities and your website has the ability to access these opportunities and form the foundation of your business’s overall marketing strategy.

Your website renders useless without people being able to find it.

A digital marketing strategy gives your website this ability and the option to unlock new opportunities.

DNN Website Design utilizes the services of ITM who are certified digital marketers in Cape Town.

No more room at the top - Web SEO Cape Town


There are 2 ways of getting more internet traffic to your website: Paid for advertizing (PPC) or Website Search Engine Optimization.

Not every business website can get to page 1 on Google for every keyword. But if your business is not on page one of Google, you will get very little traffic. 

The top ranked website on page 1 of Google is estimated to get 33% of all the search traffic, with radical decreases in search traffic as you proceed lower down the page.

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Recent Projects - The Best Website Design for Random Harvest


In October 2014, the DNN Website Design team was given the task of creating a website for Random Harvest and their 7 business centres.

The project involved creating a website that was multi-functional and enabled effective digital marketing for all 7 business centres.

In November 2014 the website had been completed and was ready to begin the digital marketing phase.

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The must haves for Small, Medium and Micro Enterprise (SME) digital marketing campaigns


First and foremost in order to accommodate the ever-growing mobile orientated population it is vital to ensure your website is built in responsive design.

Search engines have begun penalizing the page rankings of website’s that do not comply with the mobile friendly website demand.

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Choosing the right CMS for your business’s website design


Without much background knowledge in IT choosing the right content management system (CMS) for your business’s website may seem like a difficult task.

And with so many different CMS’s out there each with a bag full of conflicting reviews it may end up becoming just that.

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