There are 2 ways of getting more internet traffic to your website: Paid for advertizing (PPC) or Website Search Engine Optimization.

Not every business website can get to page 1 on Google for every keyword. But if your business is not on page one of Google, you will get very little traffic. 

The top ranked website on page 1 of Google is estimated to get 33% of all the search traffic, with radical decreases in search traffic as you proceed lower down the page.

And then there is a significant drop in traffic - 95%, from Page 1 to Page 2 results.

Google limits the organic number of website SERP results (non paid listings) on its pages in order to increase the premium value of the page.  There are only 10 natural listings on each page, with 4 advertisements above that and 3 others below the organic listings.

On some keywords, linked to Google business listing categories, Google features 3 map listings between the advertising slots above and the organic listings below.

Google Maps for Business - Google Places

This means that having your local business listed on Google Maps for Business in the top 3 carries enormous value. 

Recently Google removed the Right-Hand-Side advertising listings completely.

Limiting the organic results increases the competitive nature of Search Engine Optimization for this area as business websites compete with each other for search engine rankings in this space.

It also creates a massive market for the advertising space on the page.

Google PPC Advertising - Paid for traffic

PPC advertising is one way to get your listing to the top of the Google search.

As long as your advertisement is well optimized, directed and properly targeted, you will be assured of a steady stream of website traffic and possible purchases.

But you will still need to calculate the actual return on your investment.

For example: If you gained 5000 clicks through to your website, and 100 people made purchases of R100 on average, at an average Cost-Per-Click (CPC) of R1.20, then your Cost for the campaign (R6000) must be weighed against the Return (R10 000 Less Cost of Sales).

As you can see from the above a low conversion rate means low profitability or even a loss.

Of course, once you stop advertising, your website no longer appears at the top of the SERP. This is one reason businesses turn to SEO specialists.

SEO Search Engine Optimization - Growing Organic traffic

The popularity of SEO services lies in the fact that it is possible to raise your website search engine rankings on your keywords by configuring the more than 200 On-Page and Off-Page ranking factors for your website.

DNN Website Design makes it possible to configure all the on-page factors via the DNN Software CMS - Making DNN software the preferred website design for SEO. 

In any competitive industry the competition will appear to be so intense that SEO may seem like a futile uphill struggle. But an effective SEO strategy will be able to identify SEO niche opportunities to start with and over time be able to rank for the more popular keywords.

Choose a reputable SEO Company like ITM, who have a solid record of successful SEO for their clients.You can also get a free SEO Audit Report for your website.