Responsive Design

First and foremost in order to accommodate the ever-growing mobile orientated population it is vital to ensure your website is built in responsive design.

Search engines have begun penalizing the page rankings of website’s that do not comply with the mobile friendly website demand.

In addition mobile unfriendly websites appear far further down the rankings on mobile devices.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEO is the process of improving your websites visibility on SERPS.

Search engines reward well-built websites that have a great user experience with high search engine rankings.

Search engines uses a undisclosed algorithm in order to determine your websites credibility therefore making it imperative for your website to be SEO friendly in order to even be considered.

Blog engine

Having a blog engine enables your business to stay relevant and informative whilst helping you improve your ranking on search engine results pages (SERPS).

A twice monthly blog has the ability to generate new business and help you stay connected with existing customers.

The marketing budget required is minimal making this form of online marketing both cost-effective and efficient.

RSS feed

An RSS feed is critical for the easy distribution of your websites content because of it’s uniform XML characteristics.

Sharing your content and engaging with customers is a key aspect of any online marketing campaign.

Social networking platforms

Having social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Google + create open channels between you and your customers

These channels help to build and maintain long-lasting relationships with customers and enable you soft sell your product or service in a less formal environment.

By not integrating social media into your business’s marketing strategy you are forfeiting the opportunity to access and target new potential markets along with valuable insights into these markets.

Digital Marketing with ITM Website Design Cape Town

A basic online marketing strategy is a necessity for any SME looking to grow their business without a massive marketing budget.

DNN Website Design utilizes the services of ITM who are a certified digital marketing company in Cape Town.

Please click the link to contact ITM about how they can help you and your digital marketing strategy today.